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You can now earn Dream Rewards for new booking with Dream Vacation Tours & also earn Dream Rewards when reffering us a new client. You will be able to turn those Dream Rewards into Dream Dollars credit against any tours we have. 


To join our Dream Rewards Loyatly & Referral Program please click the JOIN NOW button on the left side to register or contact us directly at 1-506-804-0989 , toll free at 1-844-804-0989 or by email info@dreamvacationtours.com


Have you travelled previously with Dream Vacation Tours? Did you enjoy the experience? Why not refer someone to Dream Vacation Tours and take advantage of our new Referral Program. Tell your friends to mention your name when they book a tour with Dream Vacation and receive some extra $$$!


Dream Vacation Tours Referral Program

Who is eligible?

This program is available for all past guests and guests that are currently booked on a Dream Vacation Tours


How does it work?

Any past or present guest who refers a new guest who has never booked with Dream Vacation Tours will receive  Dream Vacation Rewards in various amount for referring this new client. The client just has to mention your name at the time of booking.


How much will I receive?

The referral fee is based on a per seat basis. You will receive the below amount based on the price of the seat sold.



For each $1 spent, you earn 1 Dream Reward. 

For each new referral, you earn Dream Rewards.

Reffer us a client sale(per seat):

From $400 to $749    = 2,500 Dream Rewards

From $750 to $1499  = 5,000 Dream Rewards

From $1500 to $2499= 7,500 Dream Rewards

From $2500+             = 10,000 Dream Rewards

Cruise Referral          =   2,500 Dream Rewards

Dream Rewards point chart:

Rewards Level


Rewards Earned


$10 Dream Dollars



$20 Dream Dollars    + 500 Rewards



$30 Dream Dollars    + 750 Rewards



$50 Dream Dollars    + 1,500 Rewards



$100 Dream Dollars  + 3,500 Rewards



$300 Dream Dollars  + 10,000 Rewards



$650 Dream Dollars  + 10,000 Rewards



$1000 Dream Dollars + 10,000 Rewards



$2000 Dream Dollars + 25,000 Rewards



$5000 Dream Dollars + 50,000 Rewards



Example # 1:

You book a tour with Dream Vacation at a price of $1499 for a seat. Plus within a year you reffer us 4 people at $999 per seat, 2 people at $1799 & 4 people at $2599. You would get a 

Your booking = 1499 Rewards

4 referral at $999 = 20,000 Rewards

2 referral at $1799 = 15,000 Rewards

4 referral at $2599 = 40,000 Rewards

Grant Total = 76,499 Dream Rewards. With that you are now in level 8 that gives you $1000 travel credit + 10,000 rewards bonus to start you off at level 5. 


Terms & Conditions:

The person referred must be a new guest to Dream Vacation Tours and cannot have travelled with Dream Vacation Tours in the past.

The person who is referred must mention your name at the time of booking.

The person referred has to be in another room than you. 

Dream Dollars have no monetary value

You cannot refer someone who is sharing a room with you.

Dream Reward Points for your travel are only applied to your account once travel is completed.

For a referral your reward points will be applied once the client has made his final payment.

Payment will be made once the new guest makes final payment on his booking.

Dream Dollars have no monetary value.

The above payout is per person referred.

Dream Dollars can be gifted to another guest of Dream Vacation Tours.

All 2018 tours will be granted in this program. 

Only one coupon(Reedeem) can be use for the same trip

Points(Dream Rewards) are not-transferable & no cash value.