How do I sign up for a tour and how much is the deposit?

Tour bookings can be made online at by calling us at 1 844 804 0989 or 506 804 0989 or by email at The deposit for each tour can vary. Check the tour details page on each tour page for that tour’s details. Deposits are required to confirm reservation. If you would like to pay in full, please call us directly.



What is your cancellation policy?

All payments received are considered non-refundable. We strongly suggest travel insurance.  



What does “Waitlist” mean?

A Waitlist departure date means that there are currently no seats available. You can submit an order for any waitlisted tour without paying a deposit and we'll call you if space becomes available.



Are prices per person?

Yes, per-person, in CDN dollars. The price of your tour will be guaranteed the moment we receive your deposit.



What types of rooms are available?

We offer rooms with 1 or 2 beds. Some hotels offer cots or extra beds in the room as well.



When and how should I pay the remainder of my tour balance?

The remaining balance for your tour is due 60 days prior to departure (unless specified differently in your tour details). You can make this payment by calling the tour department at 1 844 804 0989 or 506 804 0989 and providing your MasterCard, Visa or American Express details. Please do not email credit card information. We also accept personal checks (60 days prior to departure), E- Transfers, PayPal, bank drafts or money orders in CAD dollars and wire transfers.



Should I purchase trip insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend that you consider buying travel insurance for the duration of your tour. Ask us about our Allianz travel protection which includes Medical & Cancellation and Interruption Insurance.



Do you have tour gift certificates?

Yes. To purchase a gift certificate by phone, call 844 804 0989 or 506 804 0989. You can also email us at info@dreamvacationtours.comoffice.



How do I redeem a gift certificate?

To redeem a gift certificate for a tour, call us at 844 804 0989, or email us at



When will I receive the list of hotels for my tour?

You will receive the names and contact information for your tour's first and last hotel in your reservation confirmation email. The complete list of hotels will be emailed to you 7 days prior to your tour's departure.



How do I make pre-or-post tour hotel reservations?

Call us at 1 844 804 0989 or 506 804 0989 or email us at to get our special $99 + tax per night rate at the Holiday Express in Moncton. (Dieppe)



What time does the tour depart?

Check your tour details for departure and estimated arrival time.


Will we be travelling in a 56 passenger motor coach for the full tour ? 

We advertise Deluxe Motor Coach transportation. But if less then *14 poeple from PEI or NS, we might use a mini-bus until Aulac or Moncton an embark on the full motorcoach then. No rebate or compensation would be giving for this. You can discuss this when calling our office at 506-804-0989. 


What travel documents are required?

Everyone who joins a tour is required to bring a valid government issued ID for trip in Canada only. For trips to any other country, you will need a valid passport. You will also need to provide passport information to the Tour Department before departure. Your passport expiration date must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date. You're responsible for obtaining all required travel documents prior to your tour. If you're not a Canadian citizen, you'll need to contact your government to determine specific passport and visa requirements for traveling in other coutries.



Will I need any immunizations?

Ask your doctor about the current recommended vaccinations for travel to the destinations on your tour. The travel section of the Centers for Disease Control website is a good reference for the most up-to-date information.



How do I get to the start of the tour?

About a month before your tour departs, we'll send you an email with all the trip details.



Does my luggage have to measure a certain size?

You must be able to comfortably handle all your luggage by yourself always. Therefore, we recommend 1 large suitcase and 1 carry-on piece.



What should I pack?

Traveling light is always a good idea. We recommend that you bring a maximum of one carry-on bag and one piece of checked luggage. This makes it much easier to get around and ensures that everyone in the group will have space for transporting luggage on the bus.



What are the physical demands of your tours?

Our tours are mildly physically active! Expect to be on your feet, walking and standing for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, and in all weather conditions. You'll also need to carry your own luggage.



What are the hotels like?

Dream Vacation Tours hotel are usually 4 stars rating or better on Trip Advisor. There are times when Dream Vacation Tours will use a lower rated hotel due to availability and selection of the hotels in the area where we are staying, but the hotel will not be less than 3.5 Stars on Trip Advisor.



What will the meals be like on my tour?

There is usually a hot breakfast included every morning (unless otherwise stated in your tour details). For lunch and dinner we typically eat at travel plaza with different choices, buffet or sit down restaurant. Some tours also offer dinner/theatre.



Can I get special meals for my dietary restrictions?

If you require a special meal for your diet, please alert Dream Vacation Tours when booking your tour, so we can decide for your upcoming meals. Beyond this, we cannot take responsibility for tour members with special dietary needs or allergies. Tour members with dietary restrictions usually manage fine with a little flexibility and willingness to supplement meals as needed at their own expense. Please discuss all relevant dietary/health issues with Dream Vacation Tours prior to booking your tour so we can assist you when possible.



How will I do laundry while on tour?

Most itineraries have accessibility to laundry services once or twice during the tour. Your guide can give you tips on when and where you can do laundry.



Is smoking allowed on tour?

No, you're not allowed to smoke or vape on the bus, in the hotel, or where other tour members are present.



Are tips covered in the cost of the tour?

Tips are not included for the guide and the driver. We recommend a tip of between $4 and $7 each per day based on the service you receive. When we have a local guide, the industry standard is $2 per person based on service received.



How much money will I need?

You can plan on spending between $25 and $100 per day for your beverages at group dinners, meals on your own, snacks, souvenirs, and free-time transportation and entrance fees.


Do your motor coaches have air-conditioning and a washroom?

Yes, there is air conditioning and a washroom on the coach. Generally, we only encourage the use of the onboard washroom in the case of emergencies and we stop every 2-3 hours so everyone can use the facilities at the stops and stretch their legs.



Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do! Once you’ve booked your first tour with us, you’re eligible to start referring. When your referrals have booked their first tours & upon the tour completion you will receive the refferal bonus to use toward your next tour. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, and any referral credit you earn is combinable with current promotions



Would my tour dates ever change ?

Dream Vacation Tours reserves the right to cancel tours for any reason. If this happens, Dream Vacation Tours will make every effort to put you on another departure date. If this is not possible we will refund your money right away if the tour was cancelled due to a lack of seats sold (26 seats or less).   If we postponned or reschedule a trip for any reason: 


You have there (3) options for the postponed/reschedule tours:

  1. Travel during the revised dates in 2021. This option will guarantee your price and seating location on the motor coach.
  2. Take a Future Travel Credit in the FULL amount paid for any Dream Vacation Tour. Travel must be completed prior to December 31, 2022. Your credit will be issued in your name and is non-transferable.
  3. Check with your travel insurance to see if you are covered under your Trip Cancellation & Interruption policy and then make a claim if you are covered.


What if I suffer from motion sickness, health issues, or have mobility problems?  

We can accommodate for motion sickness as well as some health restrictions as long as we are notified at the time of booking, or more than a week prior to the trip.


For motion sickness, we seat people and their travel companions in the 3rd – 5th rows of the bus where there is less movement and they have a better view of the road. We are not however able to provide any medication or medical advice on how to combat motion sickness, nor do we provide medication on tours. We encourage you to speak with your doctor if you are looking for medicinal ways to manage motion sickness.


For mobility issues, some tours may be manageable but all of our tours require some level of walking. Minimally, a client must be able to walk up and down stairs independently to board and depart our motor coaches.


Clients need to be able to function independently in order to travel with Dream Vacation Tours.

If someone suffers from a condition that does not allow them to travel independently, they must travel with a companion who is able to assist them during the tour, providing this allows them to safely manage the challenges of travel. It is not the role of Dream Vacation Tours or the Tour Director to assist clients with pre-existing medical conditions so that they may travel. Dream Vacation Tours must also be notified of the client’s medical condition that causes them to not be able to function independently at the time of booking, and reserves the right to refuse a client at any point during the booking and travel stages if they are not able to safely manage the challenges of the trip.


What are the buses like?

We use deluxe motorcoaches that generally have 56 seats. All coaches of that size have washrooms, reclining seats, air vents, overhead lights and televisions. As we do not own the motor coaches, we are not sure on the exact model that you will be riding on until days prior to the trip. Common amenities that may be on your coach are cup holders, foot rests, pouches in the seats, electricity plugs and Wi-Fi (on the Canadian portions of trips only).


Can I leave my car at the pick-up location?

Yes, you may leave your vehicle at our pick-up locations for the duration of your trip at the Moncton Coliseum. This is at your own risk.


Facebook comments:

We reserve the right to delete any comment made on our facebook page for other tour operators, foul language or any reason Dream Vacation Tours feel shouldn't be on the Dream Vacation Tours page. 




  1. Do I have to be fully vaccinated to go on a tour?

Yes, for our 2021 tours, we require our guests to be “fully vaccinated” at least fourteen (14) days prior to departure.  We will re-evaluate this for our 2022 tours based on science, evidence and recommendations from government sources.


  1. Can I get insurance to cover COVID-19 expenses if I become positive while on the tour?

Yes, please contact on our staff Travel Agent Rhonda for details.


  1. What happens if a passenger gets COVID-19 during our tour?

They will be asked to leave the bus at the next opportunity and will be responsible for all costs associated with self-isolation and travel back home.  (This can be covered by insurance)


  1. What Health & Safety Protocol will Dream Vacation Tours will have in place to ensure my safety?

The motor coach will be deep cleaned every night.  Sanitizing supplies (wipes, hand sanitizer, etc…) will be provided to anyone who wishes to additionally wipe down their seat.  Everyone’s temperature will be taken every morning before embarking on the bus with a touchless infrared thermometer.  We will have rapid testing availabel as required to ensure the safety of everyone.  We will ask clients with symptoms of COVID-19 to advise us immediately and we will provide a Rapid Test.


  1. Are there any risks associated with taking a tour?

As with anything in life, there are risks.  COVID-19 is in North America and until it is irradicated there will always be some risks.  To further evaluate your personal risk, we suggest you have a conversation with your medical professional to assess your situation.


  1. What about the hotels and attractions we will be visiting?

The protocols in each state, province or country that we will be visiting could be different from our own, so we recommend that you personally decide for yourself if you will decide to protect yourself further by bringing additional cleaning supplies, masks, etc…


  1. If someone on the bus gets COVID-19 does everyone need to be tested?

No, only those showing symptoms will be tested with a Rapid Test.




  1. Will I need to wear a mask on the motor coach, hotel, restaurants and attractions?

No, as everyone will be vaccinated, it will not be mandatory to wear a mask on the motor coach.  However, we will need to follow the restrictions/guidelines for the hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc… that may be in place.  If you feel more secure wearing a mask, you are free to do so.


  1. Will I need to have proof of vaccination to go on the tour?

Yes, you will need to provide Dream Vacation Tours with proof of vaccination no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the departure of the tour.  You can provide this via email or postal mail.


  1. Do I have to bring proof of vaccination with me on the tour?

Yes, you will need to carry proof of vaccination with you at all times on the tour as some hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc… and border crossings for US Tours may require it.


  1. Will I need to download the Arrive CAN App on my mobile devise to travel on the tour?

We will follow all government regulations, including the ArriveCan app which you can find by clicking on the following link: ArriveCAN App


  1. Will I need to quarantine when arriving back from the tour?

We will follow whatever provincial/federal guidelines are in place at that time.


For any question concerning tours or policies, feel free to contact us directly at 506-804-0989 or by email at