Dream Vacation Tours - Travel Agency.

What does this mean? Not only will you be able to purchase travel insurance directly from our dedicated travel agent, but you will be also able to use your Dream Vacation Tours Future travel credits towards other services such as flights, all-inclusive vacations, cruises and more. You will now be able to book individual booking to your dream destination with your credits.

Our travel agency services will have some fees & will only apply to bookings made outside of DVT groups & tours (please see the table below for further details), however you will have the added bonus of the service or our travel agent before, during and after your vacation whether it be one of our bus tours, flight, cruise or an all-inclusive vacation.


What do our service fees cover?


Our professional consulting fee provides the services of our trained travel agent with a combined 40+ years’ experience in the travel industry, which includes doing all of the research and shopping for you, finding the best value for the price paid, as well as provide you with some personal recommendations on things to do and places to see that would enhance your trip. Our travel agent will do all of the heavy lifting for you including making your reservations, selecting seats and other details to take care of you before, during, and after your trip. As a current client of Dream Vacation Tours, you receive a savings on the professional consulting fee.

When booking with our travel agent for cruises, flights, packages, rail, ferries and visas the service fee varies depending on the product you book.

** Please note the service fees only apply to individual bookings that are not a part of a Dream Vacation Tour**.

Other conditions may apply.





Fee (Plus tax)

Research and consultation regarding trip, where to go, what to see, where to stay

**This fee will be applied to the cost of the trip if booked with Dream Vacation Tours Travel Agent**

Fee - $50.00



Booking of trip including flight/airport transfers/accommodations/car rental/attractions and activities.

Fee - $125.00



Booking of all -inclusive package

Fee - $25.00



Booking of flight only

Fee - $50.00

**No service fees for flights associated with a Dream Vacation Tour Group**


**No service fees for flights associated with a Dream Vacation Tour Group**

Research and Booking of reward flight (Aeroplan, Airmiles etc.)

Fee - $75.00


Booking of Accommodations or Car Rental only

Fee - $50.00


*** Cancellation Fees will be 10 % of the cost of any of the above reservations***


When you are ready to travel or want to start planning, we will be here for you!



 Terms and Conditions

Service Fees are in Canadian dollars and taxes are extra(15%). Service Fees are subject to change without notice.