Join our Travel Share club.


This club is for people looking to share a room with someone else in order to save money. It can be for a single traveller or even a couple of friends who would not mind a 3rd person in their room to save on some of the costs. This will be an internal database that we will use to match travellers looking to share. Once you register with us, we will contact you to let you know when we have someone looking to share a trip, who they are willing to share with and the cost of the trip if you decide to travel. Once 2 or more people are interested, we will exchange the contact information in order for them to talk to each other prior to booking. You might make a lifelong friend and a travel buddy. Join now by simply registering with us by calling 1 844 804 0989, 506 804 0989 or by sending your contact information to or send us your info below.